Cocoon Dreams Pte Ltd

online retailer for handbag and clutch purse

Exhibit Media met with the aspiring owner of this new startup. Listened intently to her dreams to evolve successfully to bring her line of quality and artisanal products globally.

Though she might be a small business owner for start in this little red dot, aspiration to soar to great heights ignited the brand name of “Cocoon Dreams”, signifying breaking of boundaries one day with wings to reach the sky!

Exhibit Media had also enabled search engine optimization, developed shopping cart, order and enquiry mechanisms for Cocoon Dreams’ global outreach.


Universal Steel Industries Pte Ltd

manufacture & wholesale of kitchen, household utensils and commercial food service equipment

Exhibit Media was engaged by Universal Steel to provide solutions to revamp its corporate identity in key areas such as logo, color, typeface and web media.

Universal Steel’s design resources and guidelines were developed aligning to its management’s great success stories from humble set up to today’s leading industry manufacturer and wholesaler of kitchen, household utensils and commercial food service equipment. Main highlights be the edgy logo design signified continuous leading of the industry, corporate adopted “golden” color for portraying of a solid brand with highest gold standards assured.

Exhibit Media continues to work closely with Universal Steel for enhancement of its digital marketing strategy and managing of web media, enabling exponential sales results to be achieved year-on-year.


Mag Lit Pte Ltd

manufacture and wholesale of LED lighting solutions

Exhibit Media was engaged by Mag Lit to provide design and digital marketing solutions for its line of LED products. Aligning to its main product line but not without creativity, we adopted the “inverted light bulb” logo design with swirl graphics signifying innovative LED solutions for wide applications.

Most notably will be the digital marketing mechanisms developed for Mag Lit, i.e. search engine optimization and social media marketing, enabling high keyword ranking, facebook festive promotions and contest campaigns for extensive target markets’ engagements!